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  • · Booth No:N4G10
  • · Company:SQM智利化学矿业有限公司
  • · Company(English):SQM
  • · Address:北京市朝阳区建外大街永安东里16号CBD国际大厦1502
  • · Address(English):Room 1502, CBD international Manson No.16 Yong An Dong Li, Jian Wai Ave. Beijing, 100022, China.
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复合/复混肥料 水溶性肥料 硝酸盐系列 钾肥

main products(English)


Compound fertilizer Water soluble fertilizer Nitrate Potash fertilizer

Company profile


Santiago-based SQM is the largest potassium nitrate producer in the world with total capacity exceeding 1000, 000 mt, accounting for over 50% of the global market share. The Company is leading the world in potassium, wsNPK, iodine and lithium and industrial chemicals. SQM has set up JV plants, sale companies and representative agencies in over 20 countries, her distribution network covering over 110 countries and regions in the world. Today SQM is not only a leading wsNPK, iodine and lithium product supplier, but also is specializing in providing commercial solutions for the global customers.
CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry (CCPIT CHEM)
CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry(CCPIT CHEM)